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We are your digital marketing experts. We understand that you give priority to running your business. That is why we help entrepreneurs and SMEs with customized digital marketing. Our digital marketing efforts contribute to your organizational goals. That way you can focus on running and growing your company.

Who We Are


ocus | Digital Agency is a group of motivated digital marketing experts who are eager to take on any challenge you throw at them.

The digital world is developing quickly. Keeping up is a challenge, staying ahead is even harder. We help you get ahead of the competition with speed and agility. We continuously use data to improve and optimize your marketing. Whether we start from scratch or continue where you left off. Focus | Digital Agency is your partner that gives your marketing a boost.

Focus | Digital Agency

Many Hands Make Light Work

We offer more than just digital marketing. We work together with the following professionals, from copy to design and from branding to positioning.

RickDigital Marketing | Owner
Customer-focused digital marketing professional. Extensive work experience abroad and with international customers. Committed, structured and transparent with a passion for digital and technology.
BasCreative Strategy
Creative strategist with strong commercial insight. Always looking for new and effective ways to get your message across to your target audience through the right channels.
EvaGraphic & Visual Design
Translates your ideas into visuals. From different media from logo to business cards, from brochures to presentations, and from product photography and video editing to logo animation.
EvertMarketing & Products
Experienced international entrepreneur with refreshing viewpoints on current perspectives. Translating stories and emotions into products and services is what gives me butterflies.
IreneCopywriting & Content Strategy
Storyteller. Discovers new perspectives and expresses them in an original way. Grasps the core of your company in a few sentences and shares it with the outside world.
Focus | Digital Agency

5 Principles

  • Others
    It’s not about us, it’s about others. Focus on the customer.

  • People
    Focus on building relations with coworkers, clients and partners.

  • Discipline
    Pursuing the goal with passion often leads to great results. Focus on the objective.

  • Education
    The world is changing fast. The knowledge you have now is not sufficient for the future. Focus on growth and don’t stop learning.

  • Value
    Exceed expectations. The more value we give, the more invaluable we become. Focus on results.

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